Keloid Scar Removal

The most popular types of scar eligible for scar tissue removal are keloid scarring and acne scarring. Learn more about Keloid removal and how it can be treated and removed.

Keloid scarring isn't contagious. It's benign. Most people see them as harmless. But there are some in the medical field that claim that keloid scar removal is sometimes a vital procedure. Some of the situations in which keloid scar removal can be considered a vital procedure include:
1. When there is severe itching as a result of the scarring.
2. When the scarring results in pain.
3. Continued growth of the keloid scarring. Keloid scars are defined by continued growth, but in some instances the continued growth is especially extensive or problematic.
4. Changes to the texture of the keloid scarring.
5. When any skin movement is inhibited by the scarring.



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