Know Your Scar Type

Before you seek for any scar tissue removal, you must know your scar type well in order to get the most suitable and effective treatment for your scar. Scars are areas composed by fibrous tissue, which are part of the healing process after your skin is damage. It is important to know that the healing process, or the way your skin will react is directly affected by your age, sex, ethnicity, and more important heredity. The following two types of scars are caused by your body overproducing collagen, which makes the scar area to be raised above your skin.

Keloid Scars
Keloid scars are a more serious form of scarring, because they can grow into a large benign tumor. This type of scars can occur on any person, but are more usual in people with dark or black skin. Keloid Scars can affect flexibility and the best option would be a surgical removal. The most common causes of keloid scars are surgeries, acne or accidents.

Hypertrophic Scars
This are the most common type of scars. In opposition to keloids, do not grow beyond the limits of the wound, and most usually take the form of a red raised lump on your skin. Hypertrophic Scars tend to look better after a few years, but as any other scar type, will never gain the original appearance of your skin.

Contracture Scars
This type of scar is associated with fire. This is when your skin is burned you will have a so called contracture scar. This type of scars may affect your movement, caused by tightening of your skin, and can in some cases affect muscles and nerves.

Acne Scars
Those cases who experienced severe acne, will most probably have scars, that are directly affected by the type who acne you had. Acne scar laser treatment is one of the most used treatments for this type of scars.

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